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Your appointment is designed to be a learning experience, wherein we will discuss your current health, your health goals, and the shortest path in between.


I will offer options that are best suited to your unique case and preferences, and help you reach a state of independent and empowered health. 

Treatment Options


Nutrition provides the building blocks for health and healing. I will work with you to find a realistic balance in your diet, and I often recommend breaking some rules once in a while – it is important that our foods help feed our soul, not just our bodies. Some cases require more aggressive approaches including supplements and intravenous (IV) nutrients to speed up recovery or to maximize health. 


Do you have arthritis or a history of joint trauma or injury that didn’t fully heal? Regenerative injections work to rebuild the original cartilage and connective tissues to get you back to work, back on the track, or back into the ring, without the pain. These therapies have research showing effectiveness, and I have seen impressive results with my patients when used in the appropriate cases. 


Natural injections that can help to regrow lost hair, fill in wrinkles or even decrease scars. These injections do not use botox, or common filler ingredients - such as hyaluronic acid. Rather, they help your body to build more blood vessels, and then to produce it's own filler. This helps restore your natural hair or beauty without actually adding chemical compounds into your body. Other common injections include: breast firming, stretch mark or cellulite reduction, and facial rejuvenation.

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 Prescription medications are a powerful tool, if used appropriately and as part of a larger treatment protocol. This includes antibiotics, thyroid hormone replacement, blood pressure medications and more. Natural alternatives and botanical (plant) options are often available, but I do offer prescription medications when necessary to ensure comprehensive and effective care. 


Naturopathic Family Medicine

Comprehensive care including blood pressure monitoring and management, UTI & skin infection control, skin and rash treatments, and more. Integrative approaches combining conventional and alternative methods – including referrals to trusted practitioners as appropriate – are offered to maximize care and patient outcomes. Dr. Lucas is now offering Telehealth options (consults via phone or Skype), and mobile treatment options. Click here to Contact Dr. Lucas directly for more information.


Joint and soft tissue restrictions affect how you move, and can lead to pain and joint dysfunction. Adjustments paired with massage and myofascial work can help to alleviate pain, and improve mobility and function, especially when used as part of a larger treatment plan. Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) can release fascial adhesions, to enable smooth and unrestricted range of motion. 


Treatments can be further personalized and augmented by identifying the current health status of the patient – we can most efficiently hit a target once we have defined it. I incorporate food sensitivity testing, adrenal and hormone testing among numerous other options to fully understand youe current health status, which is used to inform treatment. In many cases, tests may be repeated to ensure the expected outcomes are being met. These tests are in addition to the usual blood tests, and will always be paired with information gathered during the intake to ensure accurate and comprehensive care.


Movement is the key to health, especially when paired with optimal nutrition and a healthy mindset – but how do we actually make changes? Finding movement opportunities and exercises that are fueled by passion makes this transition much easier, and one’s drive to exercise is often affected by other health parameters, such as low iron levels, thyroid dysfunction, or adrenal imbalance. Once these aspects are addressed, a stepwise exercise regimen can begin, ultimately leading to lasting and sustainable change. 

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